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The most frequently asked questions about Clonable



What exactly is Clonable?

Clonable is a tool to copy, possibly translate and maintain a Web site. How does that sound? With the Clonable tool you can, for example, very easily clone a Dutch (.nl) website to a Belgian (.be) website. But also translate your German webshop to, for example, Danish and place it on a .dk domain. The website remains exactly the same, without the risk of plagiarism according to search engines. Not even if you do not add a translation in our system. You choose which elements you modify for the cloned website. For example, you can replace the logo and/or Dutch keywords for Flemish keywords. Or change a certain German translation because you prefer a certain jargon on your German website. More advantages of the Clonable tool can be found below.



  1. Cost-saving. Normally, copying and translating a site or web shop costs an enormous amount of money. With Clonable, it's only a fraction of that.
  2. Time-saving. Normally it takes months to translate a fairly large website, let alone a very large web shop with tens of thousands of products. With Clonable, you can go live in a week.
  3. 免维护。新内容会自动克隆和翻译,无需跟进外国内容。无需额外的托管服务,您只需为两个或多个网站维护一个仪表板/后台(例如,对库存管理非常有用)。


  1. SEO optimization. Through Clonable you are simply findable with your product or service in more countries or among non-native speakers in your own country. Moreover, due to the time and cost savings, you have more time and money left to work on this.
  2. 转换优化|您的外国客户在自己的个性化环境中更有宾至如归的感觉。
  3. 节省 Adwords费用 | 您可以使用独特的网站语言发布广告,这样可以提高质量得分,从而节省费用。
  4. Quality. Although human translators obviously provide even better translations in many cases, Clonable is much better than Google Translate in terms of quality. The cost and time savings also mean that a translator can quickly bring the site up to a near-perfect level for visitors by reviewing the most important pages, menus, etc. and adapting them where necessary.
What languages are possible with Clonable?

The localization possibilities with Clonable are great. You can clone virtually any domain.


  • 保加利亚语
  • 中文*
  • 丹麦语
  • 德国
  • 英语
  • 爱沙尼亚语
  • 芬兰语
  • 法语
  • 希腊文
  • 匈牙利语
  • 印尼语
  • 意大利语
  • 日本*
  • 韩国*
  • 拉脱维亚语
  • 立陶宛语
  • 荷兰语
  • 挪威语
  • 乌克兰
  • 波兰语
  • 葡萄牙语
  • 罗马尼亚语
  • 俄罗斯
  • 斯洛文尼亚语
  • 西班牙语
  • 捷克语
  • 土耳其语
  • 瑞典语
  • 也即将推出:阿拉伯语等


  • 荷兰语 (.nl) → 佛兰芒语 (.be)
  • 德国 (.de) → 奥地利 (.at)
  • 法国(.fr) → 法语国家比利时(.be)、加拿大(.ca)或象牙海岸(.ci)
  • 西班牙(.es)→阿根廷(.ar)、墨西哥(.mx)或哥伦比亚(.co)
  • 国际(.com) → 英国(.co.uk)、澳大利亚(.au)、印度(.in)或美国(.us)

Of course, Clonable also works vice versa for the above options. Curious about another cloning option? Feel free to contact us to ask about the possibilities. No challenge is too crazy for us!

* 对于突出显示的语言,翻译质量还没有其他语言高。


不,克隆或翻译网站是 同一件事!克隆一个网站并不自动意味着它也会被翻译。不过,大多数客户都希望这样,并选择带翻译的克隆网站。不带翻译的克隆网站也是可行的,而且有很多优点。它可以在特定地区使用相同的语言,并确保您的网站在该地区的搜索结果中排名靠前。不过,可以根据目标受众调整某些关键词(本地化)。


Clonable has more advantages than simply translating a website with Google Translate.

  1. A big advantage is that it gives you an additional domain through Clonable, which the search engines index. For example, with a .de domain you can be found in Germany. Google Translate is not indexed by Google, so you won't gain any additional customers.
  2. Google Translate translates the entire page, but changes are not possible. With Clonable it is possible to make changes after the translations, both in terms of text and, for example, changing images, logos or preference settings. Check out our Knowledgebase for more information about all the possibilities.
  3. 谷歌翻译的翻译并不总是很好。我们的翻译要好得多。尤其是我们的翻译还可以由校对员进行检查和修正。您可以通过我们聘请校对,也可以自己寻找校对。
  4. 网站上的谷歌翻译按钮看起来相当不专业。
  5. With a cloned website through Clonable, you can advertise or employ marketing strategies with this website (and thus this foreign domain), this cannot be done with Google Translate.

的确如此! There are already several customers who have used the Clonable tool to clone their web shop. This works the same and just as well as for a blog or information page. There are even specific replacements for webshops that help boost conversion. Feel free to ask about this.

Do I need any technical knowledge to clone a site via Clonable?

you do not need any specific knowledge to work with Clonable. Our system is simply designed and easy to use. If you do not know what to do, you can always contact us for questions. If desired, you can also choose to have the tool configured by Clonable.


是的、原则上,任何网站都可以克隆!对于带翻译的克隆网站,只有少数例外情况无法正确翻译所有内容。加载动态内容并不总是可行的。这种情况多发生在 Shopify 和 Wix 等网络商店系统中。

Can I also have my clone configured by Clonable?

Configuring the Clonable clone yourself is very easy. Would you rather have us configure it for you anyway? You can! We can optimize your clone quickly and efficiently. Would you like more information about the costs? Then please contact us.

是否可以与其他账户链接,例如 Google analytics、Doofinder、Google Search Console 或其他搜索引擎?

是的, 您可以轻松设置。但对于网店来说,并不总是建议这样做,因为交易是在原始账户上进行的。


Linking a page is not the same as cloning with Clonable. When you clone the page, you can customize it to the look and feel and keywords of the country or region. This makes your website better found by search engines and makes the customer feel more at home on your website.


对于使用拉丁字母的语言,翻译质量为 95-97%。对于使用西里尔字母的语言,翻译质量至少为 93%。对于日语和汉语等其他语言,我们更无法确定翻译质量。我们估计至少为 90%。我们始终建议您仔细检查几项内容:

  • 菜单标题:由于单词数量有限,某些单词仍可能被替换为错误的同义词。
  • 主页和其他非常重要的页面。
  • 一般条款和条件及其他法律文件。

Quality is easily upgraded to 98-99% with our Clonable tool, through our super simple editor and our substition rules. A proofreader will be able to improve the site very quickly. All in all, even with proofreader you will spend significantly less money than if you have everything translated and entered manually.

Read more about translation quality: https://cn.clonable.net/kwaliteit-vertalingen-clonable-ai-vertaalmachine/.

How can I start Clonable?

You can start Clonable as soon as you create an account. You can 这里 create your account immediately. After you have created your account, you will immediately get access to the Clonable dashboard. In the dashboard, you can immediately start creating a clone.

Can I really try Clonable for free?

Yes, you can create a clone of your website completely free of charge and without obligation and try Clonable for 14 days. During the trial period, only a limited number of pages will be translated.

Can I use Clonable for my web shop?

Yes, you can also use Clonable for your webshop. Magento, Shopware, Woocommerce, Logic4 work great, and a lot of other systems as well. However, keep in mind that CMS systems such as Lightspeed and Shopify might have more limited functionalities when using Clonable, e.g. captcha codes, certain plugins, some filters, etc.


Your translated website will not be indexed until you choose to remove the "No-index". It is important that you have completed all the required steps in the Clonable dashboard before disabling the no-index. Only after you complete these steps and disable the no-index will your website be indexed.


如何链接我的 Google Analytics 账户?

随后将提供链接 Google 分析账户的说明。对于网店,我们建议在与原网店相同的分析账户中进行转换测量。

如何将 Google Search Console 链接到我的克隆网站?

添加弹出式窗口 → 输入域名或 URL

Clonable Back-End


克隆网站没有自己的后台,因为它只是前台的实时副本。原始网站后台的任何更改都会自动显示在翻译后的克隆网站上。当您 仅在克隆站点 want to make changes, such as adding keywords or changing logos, you can adjust them in the menu of Clonable.


With Clonable, almost everything on your site is easy to customize. To localize your website, you can easily customize the following things:

  • (搜索)字词
  • 图片
  • 展示或不展示文本
  • 徽标
  • 独特之处
  • 偏好:
    • 付款方式
    • 发货国家
  • 网址
  • XML 供稿
  • 等等



Within 10 minutes, the clone is already created and ready to use. However, it often takes longer for the site to be available anywhere in the world due to DNS changes. Unfortunately, we as Clonable also have no influence on the time your IT company needs to set up the language tags correctly. However, you can already start implementing the first changes. We allow for two weeks lead time.


An up-to-date overview of our prices can be found on the Prices page of Clonable. For a quote on a custom website or shop, please contact us .


Clonable works with most websites and many web shops. To see if your website or shop is suitable for a clone, you can easily create a demo via the Clonable Dashboard. Are you convinced of the power of Clonable? Then choose the package that suits you best and enter your payment details. That's it, that's all we need!